Tuesday, July 7, 2009

*New Kit by Cathy-A New Beginning

New by Cathy, New Beginnings. With the opening of a book a new adventure awaits. It takes but one turn of a page. The soft wisp of the paper landing on the opposite side lands with a gentle flutter. The room almost seems to shimmer around you. Iridescent colors sparkle and twinkle overhead. The melodic song of the most gorgeous birds twitter in the background. And the fragrances of the most incredible blooms surround you. Your own personal botanical garden to assault your senses. Time seems to fly by as you engage yourself in your new surroundings. Unable to remain seated you allow yourself to explore. The sights are breathtaking. Through the open door you go to a time and place seemingly untouched by man. Off in the distance a gentle flutter is heard. As you strain to see where the sound originates your breath catches in your throat. A unicorn is sipping her water in the most tranquil nature. So much to see at every end of the scope. With a yawn and a tinge of regret you return from whence you came. The gentle thud of a closing book can be heard. Till another day it seems. New Beginnings is a digital kit that is full of promise and intrigue. it is limited only by your own imagination. It tells many a story, but none the same way twice. Filled with magical elements and stunning papers this kit will tickle the senses and awake the explorer in you. All papers are 12 x 12 and all are created at 300 dpi. For Personal Use, S4H and S4O . All items are not shown in preview. Included are 12 papers and 69 elements.
The cost of this kit is on sale for $4.00 regular price is $5.50. If you would like to purchase this kit just click the paypal button below. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery. Thank you.